List of 6 Good Online Stock Play Applications for Beginners

Stocks are commodities that have long been used to generate profits. This is still the right option for the future, because the profit potential is quite promising. The difference is now everyone can join the stock business. There are more and more types of APKs to play stock online and can be downloaded for free.

Currently, you don’t have to wait to be “rich” to be able to play stocks. The reason is that there are many stock play apks that are intended for beginners. So that the nominal required is also not too large. The following are recommendations for several applications that can be used for beginners to play stocks.

List of 6 Good Online Stock Play Applications for Beginners

1. Seeds

Millennials must be familiar with the Seeds application. This is because many influencers and artists also use this application as a first step towards financial literacy. So, don’t be surprised if this stock playing application is increasingly popular among the public.

In addition, the Seed application also has many features that are needed by its users. Accept the auto debit feature, so you no longer need to forget to invest diligently. Not only that, playing shares in this application can start from just 10 thousand.

2. Bareksa

Furthermore, the stock play apk that is suitable for beginners is Bareksa. Where this application is designed to be very millennial, because starting from registration and buying shares can be done online. There is no need to doubt about security issues, please.

The Bareksa application has been supervised by OJK. As a beginner, you will also be comfortable investing in this application because there are many products that can be used as investment instruments. Both conventional products to products with Sharia labels.

3. Magic

It’s magical, of course, that the application for playing stocks is quite a hit for millennials. Users who are interested in trying it can immediately get this application by downloading Magic on their HP devices via the Playstore and Appstore.

Magic also provides many other investment options, so it’s not just stocks. However, there are also mutual funds and others. For investment in the Ajaib application, there is no need to be afraid, because the application has been proven safe and supervised by the OJK.

The features in it are also complete, for example, it can tell users when is the best time to sell or buy shares. Then share recommendations that match the users.

4. BNI Securities

Next, we will discuss the stock play apk which could be the next recommendation called BNI Sekuritas. It is clear that this application belongs to PT Bank Negara Indonesia. The security of this application can no longer be used because it is guaranteed by the OJK.

Apart from that, BNI Sekuritas also offers investment banking, bonds, and asset management. This company also won the best title from KSEI. So, for beginners, you can entrust cold money to invest there.

5. MNC Securities

Furthermore, there is MNC Sekuritas which is one of the companies under PT MNC Kapital Indonesia. For new customers who want to open an account, the process is quite easy. The reason is, all the processes can be done online. But make sure you are registered as a BCA customer.

In addition, investors will only be charged a 0.18% buying fee and a 0.28% selling fee. In addition, this application is very friendly for beginners because as an initial deposit, only 100,000 capital is required. So, it is very safe if used for studying.

6. Stockbit

The last stock investment application recommendation for discussion this time is Stockbit. This application investors can discuss with each other, analyze and play stock trading. Apart from that, interestingly, from Stockbit, users can do online stock trading, learn and carry out buying and selling simulations.

Those are some stock play apks that you can try. The reason is that in choosing an application, you have to be more careful, because many people often abuse it for fraudulent actions. So, starting today, be more selective in choosing applications to invest in shares.