How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet Connection on Phone – This time we will discuss the theme of whether we can use WhatsApp without the internet. I hope this information is useful and answers the questions that have been on your mind for a long time.

I often receive questions about whether we can use their WhatsApp application account without the internet. Is it possible?

You cannot send messages, or make video or voice calls, without an active internet connection be it Wi-Fi or cellular data.

However, you can still open the WhatsApp application and write a message to the recipient. When you press the send button (blue arrow next to the text box), the message will go into the send queue.

The messages that you have written will be recovered when your phone is connected to the internet. It is possible to send more than a few messages this way without a connection available at the time. Easy enough right?

I’ll go into a little more detail to make sure you have all the information you need.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet Connection on Phone?

Now that you know that you can send messages without an internet connection, the next question is what are the steps? Below, you’ll find instructions that work for either iPhone or Android.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, open the WhatsApp application
  • pen the chat menu (both individual conversations and group chats)
  • Write the message you want to send (or several if necessary)
  • Click the blue arrow next to the text entry box to add it to the virtual queue

It’s no different than when you normally send messages. The only difference is that the delivery is not instant and will wait until your device reconnects with a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to regular text messages, this applies to sending photos, videos, documents, and sharing contacts in the same way.

As long as you stay disconnected from the internet connection (either Wifi or Cellular Data), you will see a clock icon appear next to the sent message.

Another important thing is that even though you may not be able to send or receive messages without a connection, you can still view videos or messages that were downloaded to your mobile device before your Internet connection crashed.

Can You Make Voice or Video Calls on WhatsApp Without Internet?

You cannot make voice or video calls via WhatsApp without active cellular data or a Wi-Fi connection.

Without an internet connection, the only way you can make a voice call to someone is through your phone line. Note that these may incur charges for international calls, long-distance communications, and other factors depending on the coverage plan you choose.

You’ll find that almost every app that allows you to call or video call someone for free requires the internet to do so.

You should also know that if someone tries to contact you via a call on WhatsApp while you are disconnected from the internet, there will be no record of this attempt. You won’t get notifications about failed calls when you reconnect.

Want to learn more about voice and video calls on WhatsApp?

I have a guide that can help you that you find useful. Also, I took the time to reveal some helpful tips and tricks in that article as well.

Does WhatsApp Work without Wi-Fi?

The answer is yes. WhatsApp will work great without Wi-Fi, but it must be connected to a cellular data plan to use it.

If your phone plan includes data you can use it with WhatsApp but you have to be careful. Many of the apps features especially video calls can quickly bypass your data usage limit if you dont keep track of numbers. You definitely dont want to pay a huge extra, right?

I want to share with you some alternatives to WhatsApp for voice and video calls for free or at a low cost. Appear Offline from WhatsApp without the Internet. What I will tell you next may surprise you greatly.

Yes, you can’t fully use WhatsApp without an active connection to the internet, but you might change your perspective. It is possible to use these ‘limitations’ to your advantage.

Allow me to explain.

At some point youve had to go offline or compromise your last-minute access information because you suspect someone. You want to be completely invisible on this social network.

Well, perhaps to take advantage of the lack of available internet services to allow you to send messages without ever actually logging into WhatsApp in a way it recognizes.

Let me show you what I mean:

  • First, enable airplane mode to turn off all connections.
  • Open WhatsApp
  • Write your message then click the Send button
  • Close WhatsApp
  • Disable airplane mode to continue your connection.
  • As soon as you refresh your connection, these messages will be sent. You’re not online yet, which means no one sees you signed in.

Best of all you wont be able to use WhatsApp without an active internet connection. However you can send photos documents and video messages when you reconnect to your data and Wi-Fi channels.